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  • Within this sector, We supply, install and commission various high quality laboratory as well as production monitoring equipments for the tobacco, food, pharmaceutical, and water industries.

    We provide solutions to Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Food and Tobacco companies to help them control the quality of their production.

    We provide and help our customers in finding the best solutions for their production control, improving the quality of their finished products, and optimizing their production process.

    We provide total solutions for their needs including design, engineering, support and after sales service.

    We started this division in the early 2002. We started by serving the cigarettes and tobacco manufacturers and then expanding our market into the pharmaceutical, food, and water industries.

    We exclusively represent various European and US manufacturers of analytical equipments, and have the rights to market, distribute and support their products in various countries within Asia.

    We focus on a very specific and unique equipments that is vey citical to help the manufacturers control the output and quality of their final products.

    Our products are widely used in the laboratory as well as within the production line as a critical control application to the manufacturing process. We provide a solution to our customers in order to control and increase efficiency of their products.

    Our technical support team ensure the proper product installation, system design, commissioning, support and providing the after sales service to satisfy our customers.

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