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  • We provide utilities and industries with the best tools and equipment for ensuring un-interruptible delivery of power and energy in the power systems.

    We design, engineered and install various electrical apparatus and equipment for various projects in the area of Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution areas.

    We provide various electrical test equipments for application such as: Relay Test, Transformer Test, Power System Test, High Voltage Test, Dielectric Test, Protection system test, Motor test, and all other applications.

    We represent an extensive line of products from various manufacturers in the US and European countries.

    Our Experienced team ensure the best solutions for our clients on specific project requirements. We ensure a good technical support and after sales for the customers as well.

    We have been working as the supplier and sub-contractor for various major electrical contractors such as ABB, Siemens, Areva and Vatech among others throughout Asia.

    We have been involved with various electrical project within the area of power generation, transmissions and distribution systems in China, Indonesia, Brunei, and Vietnam.

    We continue to expand our business in this area, as we still see the power shortage and tremendous growth potential in the future.

    Among the services We provide:

    • Engineering and technical design
    • Supply of products
    • Installation and commissioning
    • Training
    • Project sub contracting

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