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  • We supply various control and protection panel systems to the oil and gas industry as well as other parts and materials.

    We provide various system for control and protection in the oil and gas industry. We design, engineer, build and install various systems for various customers.

    Our expertise and experience enable us to become one of the leading player within this industry.

    As one of the largest oil producing countries, the oil and gas sector is one of the important business sector in Indonesia.

    We engage in the trading business for supplying products and equipments to the oil and gas industries in Indonesia.

    We design, install and supply various equipments for the refineries, rigs, and platforms.

    Among our customers are well known oil companies such as : shell, Petrochina, british petroleum, CNOOC, Caltex, and Pertamina. We supply directly as well through their subcontractor and subsidiaries.

    We utilize our extensive global networks to source for our customers competitive and fast delivery products, which sometimes are urgently needed.

    Our main business focus within this business sector is to provide the most competitive and fastest delivery time of parts and equipment to the customer. We aim to be the preferred supplier to our customers within this industry.

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