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2019- Fuji Finance Indonesia Tbk became a publicly listed company, listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange under the ticker code: FUJI.

2018- Charnic Capital Tbk became a publicly listed company, listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange under the ticker code: NICK.

2017- Acquiring Jaya Fuji Leasing Pratama, a full licensed multifinance company which was founded in 1982, and the name changed to PT. Fuji Finance Indonesia.

2016- Protech Mitra Perkasa Tbk, became a publicly listed company, listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange under the ticker code: OASA.

2013- Establishing Telesys Indonesia, as a full subsidiary of Protech Mitra Perkasa, which involves in the trading, maintenance and services business within the Telecommunication, Mechanical and Electrical sector.

2012- Acquiring stake in Protech Mitra Perkasa, and EPC construction company which involves in building and constructing telecommunication towers and other civil works.

2011- Taking the advantage of the peak valuation of BTS tower valuation, and predicting the future consolidation and increasing the competition in the BTS Tower business, the Group decided to exit the tower provider business by disposing its entire stake in Infrasys Persada.

2010- Infrasys Persada was founded, which business is to built Telecommunication towers [Base Transmitter Stations] and lease it to the Telecommunication operators in Indonesia.

2007- Disposal of majority stake in Pt. Charnic Capital Tbk

2007- Disposal of majority stake in PT. Okansa Persada Tbk

2006-Tele Atlas Indonesia, a JV with Tele Atlas NV was established.

2006-Okansa Persada Tbk became a publicly listed Co.

2006-Navindo Geosat founded as a spin-off from Navindo Technologies to focus on the GPS Tracking Business

2004-Navindo Technologies founded to focus in the GPS Business

2003-Okansa Capital Tbk became a publicly listed Co.

2002-Acquisition of SG Securities from SG Group, France

2000-Okansa Pacific Ltd was set up as the holding co in Hong Kong, China.

1993-Okansa first trading company was founded in Boston, MA, USA.


OKANSA's first trading company was established in Boston, MA, USA in the year 1993 by Mr. Anton Santoso, its founder and CEO. Our first company, Sanexim Trading Corporation started as a small trading company, founded in Boston, MA, USA. In the beginning, its main business was primarily supplying various electrical products from the US to Asia, particularly to Indonesia.

On the following year 1994, to be closer to its main customers, a new business unit was established in Indonesia.

During that time, the electrical infrastructure projects in Indonesia were very robust and the demand for electrical products was very high. Capitalizing on this opportunity, OKANSA has prospered and benefited from a fast growing electrical trading business by importing various electrical products and equipments from the US and European countries to Indonesia.

A terrible economic and political disaster hit Asia in the late 1997, which crippled the regional economy, including Indonesia that was hit very hard. Under these difficult circumstances, the Group decided to expand its business to other countries in the region by setting up a regional headquarter in Hong Kong, where political stability and economic condition are better off.

Okansa Pacific Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in the year 2000 as the Group's regional trading company. From Hong Kong, OKANSA expands its trading and business relationship with its partners in regional countries such as: China, Thailand, Vietnam and Brunei where the impact of the Asia economic disaster was not so severe.

Confidently, OKANSA passed through these difficult periods and challenges and grew even stronger due to various well timed acquisitions and business expansion. Its businesses grew and diversified from trading into finance, investments and technologies.

OKANSA continues to grow from time to time by indentifying a good business opportunities and expanding its businesses both organically and through a strategic acquisitions.

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