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We are a diversified Business Organization which involve in several business areas. Our business activities mainly focus within the investment, technologies, and integrated trading.

We integrate all of our knowledge, networks, experiences and expertise to form a single integrated business organization.

Our main business/ market is within the Asia Region with our Headquarter is strategically located in HongKong, China.

A significant part of our businesses are in Indonesia, with our main corporate office located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As a young and dynamic organization, We are continue to grow and expand our businesses both organicly and through acquisitions and merger as well as a Joint Ventures with stronger global partners in order to grow our business faster.

Our companies engage in businesses within the following areas: Electrical, IT, Energy, Telecom, Analytical, and Environmental sectors.

At Okansa, we continue to expand and look for new business opportunities as well as exploring all the new growth area. In all of our businesses, we have one thing in common, we specifically look for the new growth with value added type of business instead of a regular brick and mortar business.

As a dynamic and growing organization we are very aggresive to expand and grow our business so we can become one of the major business player in the region.

September 7, 2006 - s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands Tele Atlas NV, a leading global provider of geographic content, today announced the opening of its Indonesian joint venture, PT Tele Atlas Indonesia. Formed as a business partnership between Tele Atlas and Indonesian map solutions provider PT Navindo Technologies, the new company will focus on delivering a highly accurate digital map database of Indonesia and on in-country marketing and sales activities

July 2006 - Jakarta, PT Navindo Technologies spin-off its mapping division and form a new JV named PT. Tele Atlas Indonesia with Tele Atlas NV, a Belgium based company which is a worldwide leader in the map business.

Feb 2006 - Jakarta, PT Navindo Geosat a full subsidiary of OKANSA was founded and focus in the telematic, Fleet Management, Tracking and AVL business in Indonesia.


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